Monday, August 29, 2005

no light at the end of the tunnel......

It.s very difficult to be a Portuguese these days. Governmental corruption, low salaries that barely able people to live a decent life , fires. With all of this hapenning at the same time, we all question ourselves : What went wrong ? Well, blaiming the portuguese politicians is the first thing that goes through our minds when we start complaining about the state of our country. We do have to admit, that as far their competence is concerned , our politicians have failed miserably . Corrupt, incompetent, populist, every single bad adjective that people usually use when they want to criticize a certain politician , can be used when it comes to critize the portuguese politicians. There is one, who is the leader of an island, whose name I won.t even bother writing ( cause I.m certain that all of you know who i.m talking about .. ! ) that goes to the point of saying that he doesn.t want anymore chinese in "his island ". When he said that , at a rally in some square in Funchal , the entire crowd , cheered. It was in that precise moment that i realised ( something that i knew for quite a while .. ) that, although politicians are to blame for the state of the country , we , the people, have some guilt. We tend to elect politicians that instead of teaching us new things, new forms of thinking , new forms of facing the problems that torment our society, reflect all that is wrong with us portuguese. Politicians whose drivers, drive extremely fast, not thinking that the already famous bad portuguese drivers , can see that as a guarantee that they won.t be judge if they too, overpass the speed limits. Politicians , who in order of wanting to gain more votes, protest against something so trivial as a boat that comes to Portugal to help women who want to have an abortion just because the majority of the portuguese is against abortion ( at least a very significant majority in a country whose youngsters seem to be disappearing... ). Politicians , who take advantage of our extreme stupidity who ables them to reach power , and when they finally reached it, they do nothing. If they do , do something , is encouraging us to forget that our country has problems. Such event happened during Euro 2004 , when Ministro Arnauth was constantly saying that we should give the image of a modern country. It doesn.t matter if our trains, in a daily basis , run late, if our hospitals have wainting lists that go to at least 600.00 thousand people waintig to have an operation. We had to give an image of a modern country,even if we are the number one country in the European Union as far illeteracy is concerned. The tourists had to be impressed, but what about us ?? Can we be, at least a little bit impressed with our country ? The answer sadly is no ! We can.t , beacuse most important of all, our mentality doesn.t change . We are afraid of a terrorist attack that can destroy one of our historic landmarks , forgetting that the most important landmark is already beying destroyed by us, our land . We are afraid of emigrants , just because they are doing here the same that we did when we emigrated ( something that we still do, and sometimes never come back .. ). We kill ourselves in our roads, we fill the pockets of spanish entrepreneurs , but at same time say that we hate the spanish because they hate us to . Or is it because Spain had gone through the same that we did ? A cruel dictatorship that could have shaped the spanish minds and made them look more like us ?? But still , Spain has reached economical growth , helping to improve the lives of it.s citizens . They are no longer Europe.s poor cousins. That sit is now occupied by us ! We get extremely angry when someone calls us : Third World, something that we like to call Brazil and other latin and african countries. The english said that Mourinho came from a Third World country, and , unfortunately, I couldn.t agree with them most ! I rest my case !
P.S : the photo on top of this comentary , is of the building where one the houses of our "great " prime minister is . You can go there and throw some fucking big rocks at it. You will have fun . And just one more thing : I chosed to write this article in english, not only because it is the only language that I know very well ( or at least I think I do... ! ), hoping that some english or american citizen sees this comentary and sends some help . We definitely need some !!!!!!!!!


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