Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Big Question - Why I have a blog ?

A friend of mine , Nessa , has asked me to explain the reasons why I have a blog . I think that the reason why most of us have blogs is because , no matter how hard we try , we sometimes feel that no one is paying attention to what we have to say , especially when we talk about politics or any other controversial topic . The truth is , and this is something that even democratic countries such as Portugal , England , Germany and France have been discussing , there is no such thing as absolute freedom . Some may say that all societies need to have certain limits especially when the matter is freedom of speach , and I agree . But I also think that perhaps some of the things that we have to say , are not going to harm or even offend anyone , we want to say them because we think that some people just don´t seem to care about what is going on around them , maybe because they´re too tired or simply because they prefer not to think about it . I could say that the reason that made me want to create a blog was because I´ve sent emails to some of this country´s most important newspapers and to a very famous magazine , sharing my views on how I think , candidates for the upcoming ( I know they´re still a year away , but still ! ) regional elections should be interviewed . I drew a comparison between what happened in England and what usually happens here . British people were asked to elect their new mayors . London , due to its role as capital , drew most of the attention towards itself , which is reasonable considering that we´re talking about a city that is one of the world´s most important places , financially and culturally speaking . The three candidates were asked questions about some of the city´s biggest problems and exactly what would they do to solve those problems . They were even asked how long does a train journey from one part of the city to the other lasts , a question only two of the candidates had the answer to . Portugal , a country where journalists tell the prime minister that they´re not going to ask a rather pertinent question because they already know that he´s not going to answer it , could and I dare to say , should follow some of the things that were done in England . Journalists must be tough with our politicians , without being rude of course , because portuguese politicians have to understand that if they really want to occupy a certain job , it being mayor of Lisbon , minister of defense or even head of government , they have to deserve it . But I´m afraid their lack of ethics shall keep on going unpunished when some journalists refuse to ask questions just for the sake of maintaining their jobs . So I wrote that email and I sent it to two newspapers and one magazine and it hasn´t been published , that´s why I decided to write the exact same thing in my blog , for here I have my own permission to write what they want , without being afraid of what others may think , most of the times I mean . And it´s even greater when we come across people we can share experiences and points of view with - that´s why I have a blog . Take it away : .


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he he he............ cool! Take it away.......... ;)

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