Monday, May 12, 2008

Why ?

Why have children at a time when the world is already overcrowded with billions of people ? Why feel encouraged by prime ministers and ministers alike who say that the government is willing to help families who feel like having more than just one child , considering that in the near future that child , boy or girl doesn´t matter , will feel the need to have a car and spend some of the world´s remaining natural resources such as oil and water , just to fulfill his basic needs ? Why do we think that the human race must keep on living when our biggest accomplishment as far as messing with the environment is concerned is something called global warming that is already wrecking havoc throughout this planet claiming the lives of millions of innocents , most of them seen as third world citizens , for their countries are usually called " third world countries " even by those who were in the same position they were a few years ago and would still be extemely poor if it wasn´t for some organizations whose founding principles were and still have to be cherished , but seem to have been forgotten . Why have children , when governments are far more interested in building huge airports , speed trains , freeways just to name a few of our great government´s plans ?
Why not face it : from the moment we set foot on this planet , sort of speak , we´ve been ruining it , now all we have to do is wait for the final day to come - until then , enjoy the time you´ve got left .


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