Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rule Britannia - The Pretenders

One of my all time favorite bands has to be the Anglos/American formed group : The Pretenders . The Pretenders were formed in 1978 , just when punk was starting to die . Led by female vocalist , Chryssie Hynde ( an american for those of you who think she's english ) and following on the footsteps of Blondie and other bands , The Pretenders released their first album in 1979 , entitled : " Pretenders " . This album contained a song that , at least in my opinion , has a very important message , " Back On The Chain Gang " - at a time when free market was beginning to enter most peoples vocabulary , the song talked about those ( we ) who are part of a chain gang , all connected in that wonderful mess that : to work , work , work and... work .

The 80s was really the period when The Pretenders reached international sucess . Some critics like to say that The Pretenders , had a very serious problem : they weren't original . Nothing could be , in my mind , further than the truth . What made and still makes , The Pretenders sound so fresh , at least for me , is Chryssie Hyndes voice . Her voice really catches our attention . Even she's singing about ending a relationship , she really knows how to balance not only the tone of her voice , but also manages to show both parts of a conflict . She makes feel sorry for her , when the love she feels for a guy doesn't seem to be reciprocate - " Brass In Pocket " , but she's not asking for our pitty - she wants to hear her story and make our own judgment . She's strong when she has to - " Don't Get Me Wrong " ( a classic ) , but she's also submissive and supportive - " I'll Stand By You " ( all of you wannabe melody writers , listen to this song and think ! ) . My favorite Pretenders song is " Human " from the album : " Viva El Amor " . " HUMAN " is , at least for me , everyones autobiographical song . Either you are in a relationship or by yourself , "hUMAN " kind of tells you your own story , your own personality , your own flaws . " Kid " is also a great example of Pretenders originality .

Light years away from what , for the past few years , has been called bubblegum pop and rock , The Pretenders are one of those bands whose sound will remain untouchable . Every single song tells a story that still has eco nowadays.


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