Sunday, May 14, 2006


" I'm a frequent flyer ,
notorious liar ,
but I can't get close enough ,
I never get close
I can't get close enough . "
A Camp , Frequent Flyer
" My derring-do allows me to dance the rigadoon
Around you
But by the time I'm close to you , I loose
My desidratum and now you , so ..... "
Fionna Apple , To Your Love When The Pawn
" No , not "baby " anymore - if I need you
I'll just use your simple name
Only kisses on the cheek from now on
And in a little while , we'll only have to wave "
Fionna Apple , Love Ridden , When The Pawn
" All I need is a good defense
cause i'm feeling like a criminal
and I need to be redeemed
to the world I've set against
cause is all i ever knew of lo... "
Fiona Apple , Criminal , Tidal


Blogger Blog do Rodrigo said...

Nuno, excelente blog! As fotografias em especial. Parabéns.

12:10 PM  

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