Sunday, May 14, 2006

Songbook !

There are some songs , that I just couldn't live without . It's quite funny acctually ( sista Sara , I had to use this expression ! ) . Did Fionna Apple , Amy Winehouse , The Pretenders , Madonna , Tori Amos or Aimee Mann ever think that their songs would become so important to such an insignificant person like me ? Their songs , alongside with others , are part of my life . Without them , I immediatly start thinking that there's something lacking . I couldn't live without Fionna Apple's " Criminal " or even her new single " Oh Sailor ! " . I surely couldn't live without perhaps all The Eurythmics songs ( especially : " Don't Ask Me Why " ! ) . It's incredible how people we have never met , and probably never will , manage to get deep inside our souls , showing us what we're going through . They show us our trials and tribulations . That is why , sometimes , I just don't lkie to speak . I prefer listening to music instead . Songs manage to say a lot , in a sometimes short period of time . A song knows no boundaries . A song knows no race , religious belief or personal motto - and that is something truly special .


Anonymous Ana Bloom said...

Dear Nuno, i really loved and agreed with what you wrote. Songs are part of our lives, they're always there, whether in good or bad moments. Songs can help you get through difficult moments; but don't forget that songs will never be the same as a good friend. ;)

9:36 AM  
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