Thursday, December 27, 2007

rISK !

Sometimes one thinks that certain risks are not worth taking . Yes , life is full of small challenges but I guess that scientists should one day come up with a device capable of aiding us in our quest to avoid certain risks , certain situations , certain people . Guess that stumbling , falling , expecting are part of the human psyche , but what happens when we decide that we have had enough and our vision of the world is shaped by the trauma of some considerably "traumatic" experiences ? That obviously affects our relationship with the outside world , even our relationship with those we hold most dearest such as friends and relatives . Maybe that is a problem that some have : putting people in some sort of podium and when he or she doesn´t match our expectations , we act like an angry coach mad at his athlete for failing to win the gold medal . Web even judge that other person but after a while we get to the conclusion that we are the ones who should be judged , for having taken that step - and to deal with our mistakes is the ultimate of risks !

Top !!

My list of films :

Zodiac : 0 to 10 : 8
Spider-man 3 : 7
The Golden Compass : 7
Pirates of the Caribean : 6
Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix : 6
Sunshine : 6
Elizabeth : The Golden Age : 6
Ocean´s 13 : 6
Transformers : 6
Fantastic Four 2 : Rise Of The Silver Surfer : 6

Monday, December 10, 2007


If only regret could kill ................. I would be dead by now / by now I would be dead !