Friday, August 15, 2008

Coming Soon !

2008 hasn´t ended yet but everyone seems to be thinking about what 2009 has instaured for us , as far as movies are concerned . So far , we have already been informed that a new Terminator sequel will be released in May and that Star Trek will return to the silver screen in February ( and we have just been informed that Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince will no longer be released in November , but in July ) . But the one everyone is talking about is the movie adaptation of the famous comic book known as Watchmen , written by Alan Moore , the man behind extraordinary pieces of literature such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V for Vendetta , whose film adaptations have already seen the light of day .
The action takes place in 1986 and a masked vigilante named Rorschach decides to investigate the death of one of his former colleagues . They were both members of a group of super heros known as The Minutemen ( or Watchmen ) . Also part of the team is a Batman like figure called Night Owl , a feisty and seductive woman named Silk Spectre , whose mother was once a famous crime fighter - usually referred to as the first Silk Spectre . Although they´re seen as heros , none of them has super powers , even though they do have extraordinary physical and psychological powers - one , named The Comedian , is helped American forces win the Vietnam War . The most powerful character in this universe is a supernatural being called Dr. Manhatan , named after the famous Manhatan project . Once a humble scientist , Joe Osterman is the victim of an experience gone awry and becomes the powerful Dr. Manhatan . The film is being directed by Zack Snyder , the man behind the famous "300", the trailer , a very good one actually , is already online . The movie is set for a March 2009 release .


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