Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Few Don'ts ( and a few do's ! )

This that I'm going to say , may sound a little bit too controversial , but still , it must be said : this country's traditional culture is not something that pleases me most . I don't like bullfightings . I don't like the traditional portuguese way of thinking , which can be resumed in just 3 words : " Let It Be ! " . I don't see myself as being part of a community with values that need to maintained . I don't like the idea , that is still widely popular in this country that , people , in order to be considered good drivers , have to drive like a bunch of crazies when someone happens to give them a gun. I don't like when , we , who were once humble , start dissing others that , who just like us , had to leave their countries in order to find better places to live . I don't like when this country only seems to think about football , as if a war isn't still happening in Irak or starvation has been completely erradicated from the face of Africa . I don't like when footballers are treated like heros , when the real heros - firemen , some policemen and others - are still being exploited . I don't like the portuguese summer , not only because of fires that will claim this country in a not so distant future , but also because , people stop having interesting conversations during summer ( unless you consider talking about football , a good discussion subject ? ) . Well , i just don't..........................
P.S i do like some portuguese bands , fado and the portuguese winter though !


Blogger Vanessa said...

don't forget that those heroes firemen and police officers, also suport the football heroes! and if they do that them selfs...
and why the hell are you still so pessimist? how many times do i have to tell you that you wont solve a thing like that?

1:43 PM  
Blogger Blog do Rodrigo said...

I do like your blog, because you show a diferent thinking way of many topics. Usually people like this are considerated crazy, but someone always have to do this job.

9:05 AM  

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