Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back !

So I´m finally back , after a one year absence . Why , you ask ? Well , I guess that friends come and go , lovers linger around but in the end , we´ll always have our blog ( unless a hacker manages to invade our account and destroy all the things that we have written, but anywho...). So many things have remained the same since the last time I wrote something , and others haven´t , but then again , I don´t know if I can say that things have actually changed . One of the questions that has been tormenting me for quite a while is do things really change ? Or in the end , we´re the ones who are forced to look at them from another perspective , sometimes realizing that although a lot of people like to say "no" , this is still a " can´t beat them, join them " world . I tried to speak about that old saying " no man is an island" a couple of times before, but in the end , I always focused my attention on a different subject ( and I can´t promise that I´m going to stick to it right now , just so you know ) , but hopefully not this time. So they say that "no man is an island " . Well , I guess that in this extremely globalized world in which we live in , one does find himself surrounded by people everywhere , but I think that in the end , one can actually keep on being an island , if he manages to maintain the basic foundations of his state of mind . But how can we do it , in a world where our friends send us thousand of invitations , asking us to join them on places like MySpace , Facebook , Hi5 , and so on ? Is being a member of these so called social networking sites , still a cool thing ? Are the people that we know through them , really our friends ? Should everyone become a member of these types of websites ? I honestly think that before one sets out on a journey to meet others , he should first know himself , that way he will be able to deal with all sorts of misunderstandings or even serious accidents. Lets face it : it´s quite difficult to call someone with whom you´ve only exchanged some messages on Facebook , your friend , unless if you´ve seen him or her in the flesh , but even that doesn´t mean that the two of you can become friends . What if someone is only interested in taking some sort of advantage from you and realizes that you´re in such a dramatic mood , that any kind word or gesture ,opens the key to your heart ? I have said it before : instead of spending millions and millions of dollars searching for life on Mars , scientists should focus their attention on things that really matter such as creating a sort of device that sort of tell us exactly what type of persons should we become friends with , or even if don´t become friends with them , we can at least have a decent conversation and spend some decent moments with them. Some say that that instrument already exists and it´s called "brain" , but since the rosy image of the heart and all that crap that is told about it , as already been put away by some , we all know that the brain can be a dangerous thing and in such a crazy world , it´s hard to keep on being sane . If we don´t mingle , we end up odd , like Jodie Foster in Nell. If we do mingle , we face risks that we had never thought about, not even in our wildest dreams , so shouldn´t there be a middle term ? I leave the question open to anyone who sort of understood this rather disjointed post , or anyone who really knows about the types of things that I´m talking - they may be rare , but I´m sure they´re out there .


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