Wednesday, August 12, 2009

His (Ours) Dark Materials .

Although we´re still at war against terrorism, and forces of nature seem to rally their powers and means of destruction against mankind , killing hundreds if not thousands of people, we are still pretty much obsessed with dark things. For instance , everytime a Harry Potter film is released , actors and producers spend most of their time saying that the new flick is the darkest yet. Everytime an episode of our favorite show decides to venture itself through considerably dark areas , we like to say that the show has never been better. Everytime someone dies , sometimes suffering the most gruesome death , our minds , that usually spend most of their time focusing on themselves , decide to take a break from periods of self observation , and pay a sort of undivided attention to some horrible crimes. But why ? We like to say that life isn´t fair and that things , especially during these difficult times , have never been worst , but we keep on watching things that show us how terrible and cruel this life can be. Yes , sometimes we do like to watch things that make us laugh and forget about all the drama that is ravishing the outside world , but then , the dark news story shows up and we´re immediatly and constantly hooked. The swine flu outbreak , that has already killed thousands of citizens across the globe , maybe be preparing itself to claim the lives of some of my fellow countrymen/women that have been infected , or at least , that is what some news presenters seem to be craving for. Before anyone was infected , they would start the news by saying that there were still no cases of people infected with swine flu in Portugal , when the virus had already killed hundreds of argentinians and other citizens of our planet. If no one was infected , and if the virus was still being studied for it was still in its early stages , why did they talk about it so much ? Because now that more than 600 people have been infected , and the number may end up rising a bit more , one fears that the situation may escalate and the first victims will start to appear . And how will the media behave towards such possible and ghastly events ? Will they exploit these stories ? Will they start a national head hunt seeking the identities of those who they think should be held responsible , when some journalists should be blamed as well ? Ringing the alarm as loud as possible has never been a solution to some of mankind´s problems . In such a troublesome world , I don´t think that the media should , instead of inform us , frighten us to a point where we become suspicious of those around us. But who is behind all this ? Who controls our desire to see things that we know will disturb us , but we still feel like watching them ? I´m not very good when the time comes for me to accuse others but I have the feeling that You Know Who may be behind this.


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